December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

So I'm getting all worked up trying to find something to do on New Year's Eve, thinking about how cold it is going to be, how scarce cabs are going to be, how expensive everything is, how CROWDED. Brain overload.

Wait a sec - maybe we need to step back for a second, and let it be.  And, I am rather excited to hole up in my house for New Years this year, and we have some lovely plans:

We are making some super delish food.
We are cuddling in PJ's.
We are drinking wine and champagne.
We are - ok, I am - finishing several knitting projects that are going to be much needed in the next few weeks.
We are turning the heat WAY up.
We are watching scary movies so I have bad dreams
We are eating the 6 bags of popcorn we ordered from our nephew for Boy Scouts.
We are going to watch the NYC ball drop for the very first time.
We are snuggling with our pets, such as this fuzzy elf:

We are cutting out all the noise, all the busy parts of our lives, all the stress, and taking a moment to remember to be in love.

I can't WAIT. :)

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