January 8, 2010

Granny Square Afghan

OK, trying to bring this UP a bit here.


Here is my latest project. I made this sucker at the very LAST minute, of course, since I am SUPER DUPER awesome at planning ahead. My 10 year old sister now has her very own room at my dad's house, with a very white comforter on the bed. She FO SHO needed some color in her room, so I busted this sucker out on the couch for several evenings before we went to Costa Rica. I finished it the day before Christmas. Go me.

Found this pattern here on Lion Brand's website. They call this Hither Green Throw, although you can also find it as Boomer Granny Afghan, or Granny Square Afghan. They make this same pattern in different colors and call them something different to make you think they are more creative than they really are. That's my theory, anyway. :)

At any rate, its a dang Granny Square, which is a traditional square. This very blanket, actually, turned me on to crochet and knitting. My Granny Do (short for Dolores) made this very blanky for me in pink when I was a kid. I happened to get a Lion Brand catalog in the mail, saw this sucker, and became OBSESSED (surprised?) with learning to crochet so I could make one. Since my little sister didn't get to spend that much time with my Granny before she passed, I thought it only appropriate that she get one, too. In updated colors, of course. :)

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