September 23, 2009

Cowl Obsession Fulfilled!

OK, I actually stuck with an obsession long enough to finish a project. Although I didn't have a choice, since I finished it on a 4 hour drive and it was the only project I brought with me. But its DONE and I LOVE it!

Despite being called 'granny' during the entire trip by my husband and his buddy, I finished off A Noble Cowl just in time for fall. Its been freezing here the past 2 days, so I have been showing it off. Thanks to Sy for the pics!

It's big and super droopy, so its PERFECT for pinning. After deciding to make this project, I of course became obsessed with pins and found several on Etsy, including this super sweet octopus pin, which has now spawned an octopus obsession, but that's info for another post. :)


  1. Oh. My. God.
    You are a friggin' machine, girly.
    What will be next? You're going to knit a rug, bedspread and a car - yeah that's it - you will knot a car!

  2. I mean KNIT a car.
    Too many chemicals on my head.