January 2, 2009

Quilt for the Sous Chef

For some unknown reason I always wait till the VERY LAST minute to come up with Christmas gifts. And I decide at that minute that I don't want to BUY something, I want to (of course) MAKE something!

So, in digging through my massive amount of scrap and project boxes (which my husband is not so fond of cuz they clutter EVERYTHING and he has to lug them around from place to place when we move), I discover a quilt top that I had started for my brother forever ago!!!

I think this was supposed to be a gift for him for graduation from Culinary school. What else to give a future chef but a quilt with FOOD all over it! Creative, I know. ;) That was 5 years ago. Wow, I am the best big sister ever. So I iron it all up, and, since it is only about 10 days away from Christmas, I'm giddy with the fact I don't have to wash fabric, cut pieces, and sew them all together. I just have to sandwich in some batting and a backing, and quilt away! Fantastic plan!

Somewhere in there the house needed vacuuming...the fridge needed cleaning...ew, those plants have all kinds of dead leaves that need picking out....etc. I lollygagged right to Christmas Eve, and I sewed like a madwoman until it was DONE. I snapped this pic about 5 minutes before my brother arrived, and wrapped it in a brown shipping box and tied it with duct tape. Truly, I promise you, I am MUCH more creative than that. At any rate, it got done, and he dug it. :)

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