June 23, 2008

FINALLY, I Finished Something!

Although I could have gone out to the bar, I stayed home on Friday night, drank wine, and quilted. Nothing is hotter than a 30-something chick whose drank too much wine and is quilting with a cat on her lap. Rrrrrraaaarrrr!

So a good friend of mine had a baby like 2 months ago already, and I started the quilt about 8 months ago, which should be plenty of time to get it done. But, I am the procrastinating queen, and it took me UNTIL NOW to have it finished. I ROCK.

So now that it is DONE, I am SUPER proud of it, and had to show some pics. In my defense, I DID have to wait until the child was born just in case it was a girl so I didn't have to drink an ENTIRE bottle of wine to calm my anger and spend an entire evening ripping the name "REED" off this thing before passing out on the couch. :)

I found this pattern in this book here (for those of my friends who would rather quilt than drink - oh, who am I kidding!), and used a neato new binding method I found off of Heather Bailey's website. I am going to be a designer like that lady someday and never have to work a nerdy computer job again.

OK. That is all the amazing party-girl stories to tell you today. I'll make sure and take pics when I am ecstatic in fabric store drunk at the bar later tonight.

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