December 28, 2009

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

Wow, I have only had this thing done for, oh, a YEAR.

I keep forgetting to take pictures of it, since I am DONE with my obsession making it, and other objects have now taken over my obsessive nature. However, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, and, as shown here, I use it regularly!

I actually SLOWED DOWN for a bit here on Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica, and was laying on this amazing black sand beach and doing NOTHING but watching the waves and soaking up the sun. I then realized that I had the opportunity to photography my lovely bag! Yes yes, I still owe you the entire Costa Rica blog - I got the pictures all downloaded, and now it will take me a WEEK to write the longest blog you've ever seen.

This is Amy Butler's Weekender Bag, and it is FABULOUS. I pretty much wanted to MURDER while making it - it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to sew all the layers together in a normal persons sewing machine, and after a TON of cussing and LOTS of wine, I finished it! Actually, that is not entirely true - there is a corner that is COMPLETELY not sewn; I just couldn't manage to jam it all in my machine, so I said the F word a dozen times, and left it. But, thankfully, the rest is sewn together so well that you can't even notice, and it does not present a problem. Whew!

I love traveling with this sucker, as it is nice and oversized, and I regularly use it as my carry-on, stuffing the laptop, a book for me and my husband, both of our PSP's (and all the games), my knitting (duh), MP3 player and headphones, wallet, passports, cell phones, and bottle of water all inside, and right within my reach.

The only pockets on this pattern was the 4 on the outside, which RULE, but I also needed some organization inside. So, I added my own - one big zipper pocket and two document pockets on one side, then 3 small passport size pockets (shown) and another document pocket under those. This sucker is HUGE, super functional, and, duh, ADORABLE!

PS - Don't ask me to make you one. I might murder you. ;)


  1. Yeah, that is super cute! So are these the biggest pain ever to make. Seriously, if you were into making diaper bags, those dang things cost an arm and a leg and moms with raging mommy hormones will pay out the butt. Might be worth it, you are good!

  2. PS- I think it's safe to say that sewing IS annoying as all hell but you get good stuff out of it. That is my argument anyway!

  3. Hi Aurora,
    First, congratulations on your success, you have some really great stuff!
    My husband passed along your info after you commented on one of his blogs (ColeMemoirs)...I gather you live in/near the Cole Neighborhood?

    In any case, I just wanted to say hi and wish you continued success! I definitely relate to you, too, am a local/creative-type entrepreneur (I'm an interior designer).

    Check out my blog: