December 1, 2009

I Am Thankful!

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Monte Vista, Simon's home town. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going there, as you can tell by my previous posts about this place. It's just so darn beyoootiful, plus the family is there, and I love them all like they were my own. :)

His sister Cay put us up for the weekend, and we ALL spent 2 days in the kitchen cooking our faces off. Diana, his niece, even made Apple Cobbler from SCRATCH, dude! Mmmm! Cay made me an EggNog Latte every day, and I am now a big fat pig spoiled brat. ;)

Donnie, the resident MacGyver, who lives next door, provided the outdoor entertainment, which consisted of passing out the brand new puppies (so cuuuuute!), showing off his chainsaw (which WAS awesome, as brandished by Sy's oldest sister), and Junior's brand new 4 wheeler. I almost STOLE that thing to take home, I loved it so much! Alas, I don't think the City of Denver would appreciate me tearing up the public park next to my house with my bitchin' peel-out style! I'll save it for the fields next door to Cay's place, and give Simon another good scare by plowing at breakneck speed through a pile of deadwood! OOP, my bad! ;)

All in all, I felt amazingly thankful for everyone's good health, good company, and abundant food. Considering the shape that some families are in this year, we definitaly felt like royalty.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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