November 6, 2009

Colonade Shawl

Yeah dude, I totally said SHAWL.

Don't cringe - this is a modern twist on the old gramma accessory. I would NOT wear anything that looked gramma-ish, trust me. Unless my view of fashion is totally skewed and I don't look NEAR as hot as I thought I did in this sucker. Eeek!

I found this pattern on while obsessing over yet ANOTHER project to start (along with 6 others in-progress) since NFL and NBA are in full swing, and I need a little knitting help to keep me occupied on the couch during 6 hours of games. However, the invitation to the release of the Knitting is Sexy Calendar launch party was SUPER motivation to whip this sucker out! Pics from that party to come....

This is the Colonade Shawl by Westknits, and I LOVE IT. I didn't make it quite as long as it is in the picture, and omitted the button so I could use my super rad stick pins (super glued together by yours truly!) to pin them up in a more flattering way.

I am SO bringing back the shawl, yo!!


  1. Can I ask how long it takes a normal person to do something like this? I really want to be able to do stuff like knit and sew but you people are so damn intimidating with your cuteness and talent!

  2. I just followed over from your comment about my Colonnade Shaw... I just love yours! I also just checked out your AB Modern Diaper bag (I've made it too) and the fabrics you chose are amazing. I also scaled mine down, but then I did a second one full-size, no pockets (wow did that save time) as a carry-everything beach tote. :)