March 23, 2010

Ripple Scarf

Blame it on my temper.

I started yet another project that I don't have time for, but it was only because I couldn't find the pattern for it, and it pissed me off! Horrible excuse, I know.

I found this RAAAAD scarf on Ravelry, but the folks that make the pattern are in France, the pattern is in French, and they won't ship it to the US. DAMN!

Fine. Don't share. I'll just figure it out on my own! Enter NEW OBSESSION. I went straight to work checking out the picture and fiddling around with yarn in front of March Madness until I mostly figured it out. The picture of theirs (much nicer) and mine (in green) are below.

Ah, ok, totally satisfied now. Bet you $20 this will stay on needles while I find something else to obsess over. Oh look, beer koozies!!!


  1. Ooooh, I love it! I'm pretty impressed you figure this sort of thing out. I need instructions and pictures and an assistant.

    You knit and I'll puff paint the beer koozies!

  2. Fancy dancer! I have no idea how you figured that out! Amazing!

  3. wowie. you're awesome. i thought i was a knitter but you totally have me on this one, i never could have figured that out. i do adore ravelry tho... totally fun stuff. i've been crocheting a bit too, did you see my webl about the eco yarn i made? i'm making a recycled tshirt rug for our guest room right now... pretty sweet.