March 25, 2010

Environmate Goes On Tour!

My friends Shawn and Brice recently went to Mexico for vacation, and they took these pictures of my bag there!!!!

It's like the roaming gnome, but WAY better!

Brice was saying that they ONLY took that bag wherever they went, and it worked out PERFECTLY for them.

Thank you both for doing such a thoughtful thing!!! Its a HUGE compliment! Plus, I love hearing how functional y'all think it is! MUAH!


  1. Oooh, your bags ARE the most perfect travel bag! It's like the water wants to make out with the bag, love those pics!

  2. it's true!

    we packed all of our shampoos/sun tan lotions in this on the plane - which is always bound to be a mess - (which i was) - but then easily rinsed in out and re packed for our daily trips to the beach!

    so happy we brought it along!

    ~Shawn (of Shawn & Brice) ;)