June 23, 2009

iPhone Case Tutorial

Well, well. Now I am addicted to my new iPhone, so OF COURSE, I need to dress it up. :)

I whipped up this little cozy that is actually about the right size for your iPhone with most any hardcase on it. So super cute!

I made it short enough so that your phone, when all the way inside, peeks out the top a bit. Much less fussy trying to dig it out.

I just used some scraps from my grocery bags to make this little guy. Hopefully the little tutorial is helpful!

Have Fun!

1.) Cut out your pieces (listed in inches):

Exterior Panel: 8.5" x 4"
Lining Panel: 12.5" x 4"
Fusible Fleece Panel: 9.75" x 3.25" (smaller so the bulk is not in the seams)

2.) Using a measuring tool, center the fusible fleece panel to the center of your lining panel. Fuse Tips for fusing: use an iron without the steam on for about 15 seconds per area, pressing in small circles.

3.) Lay your lining on the table, fleece side down. Put your exterior fabric on top of it (it will be way too short) with the wrong side up (this way the right sides are together).

4.) Scoot the exterior panel over to one side so that the edges are together; stitch using a 1/4 inch seam.

5.) Now, line up the OTHER sides as well (yes, the top is WAY shorter than the bottom, so this part is a bit odd), and stitch.

6.) Instead of a sandwich, you have more of a fabric loop!

7.) Now, turn this thing inside out so that the WRONG sides are together. When you flatten it out, because the lining is longer, it will overlap on each side. Neato! Now make sure the overlaps are the SAME SIZE, then press the creases!

8.) Turn it back inside out again so the right sides are together. Make sure you flatten it again on the creases you just ironed into it so that the overlaps are still EQUAL on each side. Pin.

9.) Stitch up the long sides, LEAVING A HOLE FOR TURNING ON ONE SIDE, using a 1/4" seam. Don't forget the hole part. It sucks when you do. ;)

10.) Trim the corners.

11.) Turn it inside out! Use the edge of your closed scissors or a chopstick or pencil to push the corners out. Fold in the edges of the hole as best you can to match the rest, and press the entire thing very well!

12.) Topstitch on the edges of the overlapped lining. Details are so nice! :)

13.) I added some quilting-type stitches to add some lovely detail.

14.) Now. Fold in half, matching up the edges. We are now going to sew up the 2 sides. Using your zipper foot, sew AS CLOSE to the edge as possible, but make darn sure you catch both sides with the needle! Do this with both edges.

15.) Clip all your threads, and WAH-LAH! Instant iPhone cozy!

16.) Picasa repeated this pic, and I want to get back to sewing fun things, so I'm not bothering to fix it. :)

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