August 19, 2009

Amy Butler Modern Diaper Bag

A girlfriend of mine is reproducing, and I just HAD to make her a sophisticated diaper bag, since she is one super modern mommy! I am in love with this bag. I HATED to give it away.

The fabrics are from Ikea's Gunilla and Patricia line. The pattern is from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones book, which, btw, I am obsessed with. It has all kinds of ADULT type baby stuff - not covered in pink or blue or giraffes or babies. I can't get into that stuff.

Anywhoo, I threw a picture of the bag over my shoulder in there so you can get an idea of the size. I did some web research, and all the other folks that have made this sucker complained that it was WAY too big. So, I brought the pattern to work with me, and spread it out on the copier (while sheepishly grinning as coworkers eyed me learily leaning over the copier with pattern sticking out everywhere), and shrunk it down to 85%. NOTE: I first made one out of scraps at 75%, but it just didn't fit everything needed.

I also made it 1 inch wider than called for, which made for a bit of fussing, cuz then you have to make the bottle pockets wider too, which I FORGOT to do, and ended up having to rip them out. Thank god for wine.

Lastly, I made the long pockets just a bit shorter, cuz they stuck out into the bag so much that you couldn't even put anything in the bottom - it just got stuck in a pocket. Now, they stick out just enough to get into! I also threw together a little Diaper and Wipes case (yes - made with WATERPROOF Sweat Sack fabric in case those darn wipes leak) and a portable changing pad - ALL meant to look like a sophisticated clutch when not in use! Seriously, the only indication that this is a diaper bag will be from the BABY on her hip!

I am seriously thinking of making one of these for me, sans the pockets, for a beach bag. It's just WAY TOO CUTE not to use. Hooray Amy Butler!


  1. OMG, I want that! Make more, start charging! Diaper bags are going for big money these days and lately I've been ADDICTED!!!

  2. I need one of those for the wife. do I order one?

  3. The fabric is perfect for this bag! It looks so good. I bought the book for this bag. One day I'll tackle it.

  4. Love the bag and the fabric you used. What is the pattern you used for the Diaper and Wipes case?

  5. Wow! Awesome colors! I'm totally going to make one. Where can I find Sweat Sack fabric? And like the PP said, do you have a pattern for the diaper a wipes case and the changing pad??

    What an awesome bag!!

  6. I love these! I have the patterns for the Diaper Bag & Changing Pad, but how did you do the Diaper & Wipes Case? I can't find anything online that I like half as much!

  7. Was this the one for Danielle & Brian? Can I put in an order for one of these now? You know, cus ONE day we'll have kids and this would be VERY handy and so friggin' cute!! I know you have some free time on your hands now, right? ;-)
    But seriously lady, is there anything you can't sew? You are just amazing and this bag is so great. Can't wait til you have a team of people sewing for you....

  8. Love this bag!!! Do you sell them or know of anyone that does?
    Please post a reply if you do. Thanks

  9. I have some of these bags on my etsy page.