March 15, 2010

Damn You, Carrie Bradshaw!!

This beyotch looks HOT in everything.

So, here's me again, paying attention to the KNITTING and not the STORYLINE. I do this all the time. The WORST is when I see something I LOVE in a movie theater, and I can't pause to admire the knitting, therefore, I miss all kinds of important stuff and end up confused.

But, I was sewing this time, and watching this series (given to me as the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER by my mom) as I sewed, since sewing gets boring and SATC is RAD. Plus, I have seen this series at least 3 times, so I know all the shiz by heart. This makes for great sewing entertainment since I can't watch the screen all the time, but I know IN MY HEAD whats going on, and I laugh right along.

Anywho, I put these disks into the PC to watch it there, so I was able to capture this LOVELY sweater that Carrie can somehow pull off!

OK, I will admit that this thing looks like Grandma's Afghan taken apart and made into a sweater, and I would look RIDICULOUS and OLD in it. But she looks fantastic! The modern hair, the scalloped neckline, and the bell sleeves (couldn't capture them in action) - delicious!

Added to my never-ending project list. Humph!

1 comment:

  1. I am so obsessed with this sweater. I actually started to re-watch the series and I will admit I do rewind and pause a few times to admire this sweater, any idea who makes it or anything like it?