March 11, 2010


So I am doing a terrible job with this nasty thing called 'inventory'. Just when I think I have enough bags, some shop comes along and BUYS THEM ALL UP! *snicker*

OK, so running out of inventory is AWESOME cuz it means people like your shiz, and that is the best compliment EVER. But, it also kinda SUCKS because now I have to sew night and day to make bags FROM SCRATCH, which makes me behind on orders, which makes me drink a LOT of wine, which makes me drunk. And broke.

Anyway. I had ordered 4 bolts of the Wildwood fabric because it's my biggest seller (behind Wallflower, which they messed up in production and it's on back-order from the manufacturer). I get the shipment last week, open it up, and all four bolts are WRONG. So, here is me, ordering fabric at the last minute since my inventory got all scooped up, and then I wait a week to get it, and its all WRONG?!?! OK, this is something I did NOT expect. Nor do I know how to handle. Or deal with emotionally. ;)

So I call the lady at Westminster Fibers, tell her they wrapped the WRONG fabric on the RIGHT bolt (it DID say the right number for Wildwood!), and PLEASE make sure to call the warehouse and TELL them their mistake so they DON'T ship me 4 more of the same WRONG bolts.

Of course, all this week I stressed that I would FO SHO get the wrong stuff, and tried to prepare myself for it.

Then, a miracle happened.

I get the replacement shipment today at work, I open it up...


Then I clap my hand over my mouth cuz, WAY TO GO, AURORA, scream so all your coworkers come running, see your huge box of FABRIC, and now know that you have your personal stuff shipped to work cuz you live in a not-so-good neighborhood, and your packages sometimes disappear off your porch, like my adorable pillows off my Adirondack chairs. Friggin jerks.

I look inside, and not ONLY did they get the order CORRECT, but they ALSO shipped me the Wallflower that was on BACK-ORDER!!!!! OK, I am a total RETARD for screaming and getting this exited about FABRIC, but seriously, that is a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and will totally MAKE my weekend. All I want for Christmas is the correct goddam order. ;)

Dude, I am freaking out here. I can take these straight to the sewing shop and get bags all made up, have LOTS of inventory, maybe take a night off and go to a movie, and FOR SURE spend all day Saturday drinking Green Beer starting at 10AM and not feel stressed! WOOOO!

OK. Done celebrating. My coworkers made sure I didn't win the lotto, now its back to work for us. *inner grin*

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  1. Girl - you are hysterical! I LOVE the bags and would TOTALLY rather support someone I know than my local whole foods, cuz well, i like them - but i dont know Mr whole foods himself. ha. love that you get to drink while you sew & think we should all get to drink while we do what we enjoy (vinyasa & vino @ lululemon:) ...anyways - SO thrilled for you! Cant wait to get my own - next paycheck k?!