March 11, 2010

Our First 5K Run!

So my running buddy is my sweet-ace dog, Jackson. He just had his 6th birthday in January, so he tries to keep in shape in his older age. :)

We try to go running in City Park at least 3 times a week. I have never kept track of how long it takes (not counting the THREE, yes THREE times this idiot has to stop to POOP), or how far I go - I have always just found a route that takes me about 30 minutes so I can get some cardio in AND walk some poop out of the dog. Less I have to clean up in my yard later.

Somehow, along the way, we got addicted to it, and me and crazy dog went running all this winter, too. At our last house, I could start my run out the front door since we lived 5 blocks from the park. Now we live about 12 blocks away, and I HATE running on pavement since I am an old folk and my knees hurt, so we drive. We get to the park at about 5:45AM, so it has been DARK and COLD. We will even go in the snow; that's how dedicated (um, psycho??) we are! As long as the temp is below freezing, the snow doesn't melt and stick to our feet, so we don't get wet.

Anywho, the peeps at work have organized a 5K run for St. Patty's Day, and I got roped into it by coworkers. Thinking it was going to KILL me, I figured I better find out how far I run in the morning, and then I can get an idea of what kind of mess I will be once the damn thing is over.

Dude, I thought I was running like ONE MILE each morning, but turns out, I was just short of running 5K! So I found this sweet map online, and apparently the trail I am running is called the Mile High Loop, and most of the path is exactly 5,280 feet high! And, its a damn 5K loop! GO ME!

OK, so I was cutting off that last bit at the end that runs along Colorado Blvd, but I ran the ENTIRE thing (no cheating!) this morning just so I could say I have officially run a 5K.

Bring it, St. Patty's Day 5K! Bet I will be thirsty for some green beer afterward. ;)

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  1. Love City Park and GO YOU! I think you need to sign up for a marathon...