November 4, 2009


October is over already, and I have no clue how it flew by. Time is speeding on toward Christmas, which means I need to start shopping NOW, or I will NEVER make it! Yikes!

Picked a few of my favorite October pictures. The skulls were painted by some tattoo artist friends of mine that work at La Familia and Tribal Rites in Fort Collins. They were auctioned off at a Dia de los Muertos celebration to go toward a scholarship fund. They are so bitchin' I had to share.

Then we had a blizzard, and picked my favorite picture of my dog up to his ears in snow. He went crazy! I also discovered mini loaf pans, and made some banana bread (mmmmmmmmm). Perfect bite size loafs! ;)

Lastly, I think we are the only adults to still take pumpkin carving this seriously. We don't even have kids to do this with, and we STILL have the best time ever. Simon made the best pumpkin seeds from these.

Ah, October!

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