October 28, 2009

90 Whole Minutes

Yeah, I could have done Bikram Yoga in 90 minutes.

What's worse is, for this 90 minutes, I could have cut out 75 bags. I could have sealed 150 liners. I could have strung 85 cord locks. I could have finished all the changes to the website. I could have released my 'Just In Time for The Holiday!' posting.

But NO. I did not do any of those things for this entire 90 minutes. Instead, I sat and STARED. I touched. I feel'd. I squeezed. I caressed. I matched. I re-matched. I picked, then put back, then picked again.

Seriously lame, considering this was NOT shoes or clothes or jewelry or other stuff girls my age are supposed to be into. It was over YARN.

Anyway, if my orders are ever late, you know what I'm up to.

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