October 23, 2009

Obsession #17: Pretending to be a Photog

I love it when I get this lucky.

Some dear friends of mine are tying the knot next year in VEGAS (woo!), and asked me to take some engagement photos of them in City Park. Despite screwing up the white balance and exposure in most of them, I avoided total disaster thanks to Light Room and Photoshop. Good thing I am taking a photography class next month!

I was SO happy that I could do something neato for them - they are two very amazing people, and I wish them nothing but happiness in their marriage!

I really thought this might be a challenge, and I would have to make them laugh, or say crap to get them to interact, but you could just tell they were so excited for the big day, and it just OOZED from them. They were not smiling at some dumb joke I told - they were smiling just to be holding each other so close. MEOW!

Here are some more of my favorite snaps. I mean, clearly, it wasn't THAT hard since they are both so goddam cute. Makes me sick. ;)

Thanks for letting me be a part of this! And thanks for letting me post my faves. :) Big up to Nicole Habel for all her fab photography advice!!


  1. Good work girl, these are cute!

    I suck at pictures and now I REALLY suck since I have no charger for my camera. Poor Sawyer. Ahhh, who need pictures of their second year of life anyway, right?!

  2. These are great girl! I knew you had it in you!!! Woohoo.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the link, you're awesome!