May 29, 2008

Vedauwoo, Wyoming

So, the day after SIX TORNADOES tore apart the Colorado Front Range and a bit of Laramie, too, we decided to pull our pop-up camper to Wyoming for a nice Memorial Day get-a-way. Smart, eh?

We get there, and there is snow on the ground. Beautiful, yes, but I am wearing sandals, cuz I am the smartest chick alive.

Thankfully, the snow melts off as the day progresses, and we set up camp. THEN the winds pick up. I scramble for the weather radio, and guess what I hear?

TORNADO WARNING for ALBANY COUNTY! Um, yup, thats us, and we are in a dang CAMPER. Super fun!

Thankfully, it missed us, and the days after were mighty nice. We sat by a warm (by warm I mean the boys were burning EVERYTHING and it was more like extreme BONFIRE time) fire each night drinking beer and eating smores. We cooked so much food we had to nap each day. We got to hike Turtle Rock Trail (mountain biking was out of the question - the trail was super muddy), and I was able to take a lovely picture (with my cheapy camera) of this bare, beautiful Aspen tree and the clear blue sky behind it.


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