May 29, 2008

Sewing EnvironMates

After booting my cats off the dining table, I was able to get a good assembly line going on my super cute grocery sacks dubbed EnvironMates.

My madre sewed these suckers when I was little, and her design was so great, she still uses the same bags to this day. And I am not a young buck, so that is saying something!

So, she lent me the design (aka I STOLE IT) and started making FABULOUS versions of them. Boring sucks, and cute is RAD.

Here are some of the adorable fabrics I am sewing with. Although my camera kind of sucks, as I bought it to take pictures of my friends and I at the bar, so its a super teensy point-and-shoot. I am *jealous* of my blogger friends with super fancy 'ol cameras.

That's OK - I am saving my cashola up for a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Hooray for digital SLR's! I missed my 35mm terribly! So, sorry for the not-so-fab pics 'till I sell enough of these EnvironMates to get my fancy pants new camera!

*crossing fingers*

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