May 21, 2008

I'm messy - blame my cats!!

So I've started 2 different websites already, selling my crafty little ideas. This means that I need to become a 1 person mass production line. Which means I need a lot of CRAP (a.k.a. supplies) spread out all over for each leg of the assembly line.

Plus, there is a friend's baby quilt I haven't finished yet (the baby is already here), birthday quilt for my brothers 22nd birthday (he's 24), and countless other unfinished projects I pull out, work on a little, and leave laying around. All over the dining room table, too, since that is the LARGEST work area I have. Best purchase I ever made, actually, even tho we never eat on it.

Ya know, I WOULD clean it all up each night after my work is done, but I simply wouldn't want to rob my BF's cats of THE MOST comfortable beds in the HOUSE.

Therefore, I am messy. Clearly, CLEARLY not my own fault. ;)

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