January 1, 2011

Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie (aka Napalm)

Simon made a pot pie for lunch today.

He made it in the mircrowave.

This is the dialogue he had with himself:

"Hm... cook till internal temp is 160.  I thought this thing was already cooked?"

"I think I can just use this oven thermometer to measure this thing."

"WHOA, gheezus!  203 degrees?"

"Is this filled with lava?  This is going to take forever to cool down."

"Maybe I can eat this tomorrow."

"It's 8 degrees outside - maybe I can put it out there for AN HOUR."

"The SUN is 200 degrees.  The sun, and my pot pie."

15 minutes later:

"Holy Christ. This thing is getting hotter.  How is that possible?"

"Can you set the alarm on this thing to go in reverse?  So it can alarm when it cools down enough to actually EAT?"

"Hey, if your hands are cold, you can come warm them over this hole I just poked in the top.  It's like a pot pie geyser."

Ah, the dangers we encounter whey simply trying to cook a decent lunch.

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