December 29, 2010

La Llorona

OK, let me first apologize to my dad, who gave me this painting, for what follows.

This painting used to belong to my Granny Do, my dad's mother.  Dad kept it for me, and gave it to me one night when I was up in the Fort visiting him.  I got home late at night, so I set the painting in our stairwell where I wanted to ultimately hang it.  I just leaned it against the wall, then went to bed.

The next morning, in the early light, Simon rounds the corner of the dark stairwell, and comes face to face with THIS:

I found it later that morning turned backwords, facing the wall. HA HA HA!

When I used to see this hanging in Granny's house, I just thought it was a cute little girl picking flowers in the sun, with a grove of trees in the background. Simon's interpretation, however,  is ENTIRELY different.  He sees a girl, crying while gathering flowers on the beach, with a crashing ship on the ocean in the background.

We had some friends over for dinner, and after several glasses of wine, I  make them come tell me what they think:

ASHLEIGH: Whoa, that thing is scary.
PAUL: OK, I just got the chills.
SIMON: Told ya.
AURORA: Really?! I just don't see it.

So, Poll Time!  Is this painting peaceful, or frightning?

I bet you this photo ends up in the results set when you Google images of La Llorona.

PS - La Llorona is an old Mexican legend that our parents would use to get us to come in before dark.  Apparently, this woman drowned her kids to hook it up with some dude, who dumped her after he learned she was psycho. So, she did the responsible thing and killed hersulf.  Now, she wanders the plains, wailing, looking for children out after dark to drown.  Clearly, Casey Anthony has never heard this story.


  1. What's scary or awesome depending on your bias is the transparent outline of a baby bump, scary if thinking what could have been and awesome if thinking what will be.

  2. The color, the hair do, the painting style makes it look scary. haha