December 26, 2010

Cookie Crafting

My nephew is 8, which means it is still super cool to make cookies with Auntie.  And so we did!
Recipe for dough is called Puffed Heart Lemon Cookies (made cut-out cookies for the first time on V day several years ago, and am stuck on the recipe - yum) followed by a smothering of royal icing.  I still haven't mastered this art yet; my cookies are always either too thick, or too thin, but whatever - they look fantastic. ;)

Ghost cookies of Christmas Past:

Put the first batch of finished cookies in the oven so the frosting could dry overnight.  Then drank a bottle of wine, and decided to make the rest.  Turned the oven on to preheat.  Enough said. (fail!)

I meant to take pictures of the finished cookies all decorated by the 8 year old, but we started eating them before I had a chance.  Sy only likes the heads.  This is how all my gingerbread peeps looked:


Merry Christmas!

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