December 27, 2010

Charlie Kitty

Charlie likes to sleep in a basket we bought for decorative purposes. Since everything we buy to decorate our house turns into a cat bed.  That is the rule when you live with those little furry dictators.  It's up high on a built in ledge in our bedroom.  He SQUEEZES is fat arse in there, even though the basket is pretty much WAY too small for him. I think he uses it as motivation to get in shape.

Since we are sweet-ace parents, we brush his teeth regularly since he has gum problems, and already had to have 2 teeth pulled. See?  I don't need kids - I am getting the same experience with my hairy child, Char Char. ;)

Last night, we had to take the entire basket down (with him in it) since he wouldn't come down.  Once on the floor, he still wouldn't get out. I think he was stuck, personally. ;)

Simon held his head, peeled his lips back, I did the torture brushing, and Simon put him back up on the ledge, basket and all.

He slept there all night.

The things we do for the ones we love. :)


Pandora has been dying to get up there with him, but she's too small to make the jump.  Although, off to the right out of the picture is a dresser, and I came home one day, finding all of the contents from the top of my dresser on the floor, so I have a feeling she jumped to it, slid ALL THE WAY across and OFF the other side, taking everything with her.  Instead of trying it again, she just begs Charlie to give her a boost. AW!


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