November 5, 2010

Sushi Brought Me Back To Life.

I have trouble blogging when things are going badly.  I feel like it would turn into a big giant outlet for whining and complaining, so I have just stayed away to spare you.  Yes yes, you are welcome.

After losing a cat and losing an aunt, you just don't feel like being very funny.  You feel like eating KFC for 2 months which is pretty much what we did while Larry was sick.  There was no working out, no folding of laundry, no dusting of ceiling fan blades, no dog walks, no refilling of the toilet paper cabinet, etc.

I think my butt and my couch grew together.

Well, now that I am feeling a bit better and ready to rejoin my life again (still ignoring the ceiling fan blades cuz GROSS), I have all this extra KFC hanging off me, making me tired.  Blech.  But, I HAVE to get back into the swing of things, cuz the dreaded test is looming.

The Biometric Screening.

I have 2 choices: let my insurance company charge me MORE each month, or go give blood and get my body fat tested so they can tell me what a slob I've been for the past 2 months.


I guess I better choose the slob route.  So, today, being more cheerful than a day has been in a few weeks, we chose the healthier SUSHI instead of KFC.  Why is a super delish salad or a lemon drizzled salmon just NOT satisfying when yer in the dumps?  But somehow, 15 hot wings, french fries, ranch and a giant SODA does the trick?  Mmm, hot wings.  *wiping drool*

OK, must STOP.  Back on track so that I won't get the bad news at my biometric screening that I am gonna have a heart attack at 34. 

Watch out, treadmill!


  1. I'm pretty sure if you ate KFC for 4 months straight, you would still pass whatever test the insurance makes you do.

    And why don't we need to do that test?

    Mmmm, sushi!

  2. i'm so sorry you've lost some special peeps! life can suck fo sho but it always turns around, thank heavens. you are a stud and i'm happy you have your awesome husband to battle the bad times with. AND thank the good lord above for sushi! it heals the soul. :)