November 8, 2010

The Baby Mate!!

It's FINALLY here!

I am very excited to announce the arrival of our newest member of the Recycle Fashionably family:

The Baby Mate!

I've had several moms pick up a Sweat Mate to hold baby clothing that has been barfed on, pooped in, covered in mud, or soaked in snot.  The diaper bags out there these days are DARN cute, and NO ONE want's Capri Sun juice all over their JP Lizzy. 

Also, there is an amazing number of mommies using reusable diapers (kudos to YOU!!!) who now have a better option than a grocery bag to carry around soiled diapers!  This bag is perfect for containing the mess and the smell until you can make it out of the mall and back home!

Now, in the very cutest baby fabric of them all, we have The Baby Mate - just in time for the holiday season!! *tee hee shameless plug*  Available NOW on  Yay! More fabrics coming soon, too!!

So, if you know a mommy who's couture is covered in chocolate, now you know just what to get her to help her contain the mess.  :)

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