October 11, 2010

V is for...Vasectomy?!

OK, this was too funny not to post.

A friend of mine had a baby shower Friday, and Simon came with me to hang out and drink beer with the dad-to-be in the backyard while all of us were cackling in the living room.  It was freezing on Friday evening, so the weather forced them inside.  They tried to hang out in the kitchen for awhile, but alas, we discovered they were there.

Which means we pounced on them and forced them to play the baby shower games.  LEGIT.

Pages with the alphabet are passed out, and we all have one minute to write down something associated with baby for every letter of the alphabet.  Ready, GO!

Um, P - Pacifier. O - Onsie.  Lemme see....B, Blanket.  C, Changing Table! I'm feeling very proud of myself at this point.

One minute is up, and we have about 9 blanks filled in each.

Simon has 15.

What the - ok, you go first, Simon, since you are such a baby expert!!!  There is an evil grin on his face, so I am already suspect of what is about to occur.

"A, Alcohol."  Eruption of laughter.  "B, Bee Bee Gun." More laughter. "C, Candy. D, Donkey, E, Elephant, F, Fire". More laughter. "G, Guns. " Laughter and some tears now.  And it goes on like this until all of us are rolling on the floor.

The mom-to-be actually made him finish filling it out since it was so friggin hilarious.  Proof:

Dude.  I am bringing my husband to all your baby showers, ladies, cuz MAN he is great entertainment. Whew!

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  1. Hahaha, that's hilarious!

    -David Le