October 8, 2010

Flash, No Flash! (and a baby blanket...?)

Had a baby shower to attend TODAY, so it would make sense that I made a baby blanket for the occasion LAST NIGHT.  Way to think ahead, Aurora.

I found this fabric at JoAnn of all places (which is odd for me since I am a total fabric snob), and I totally dig it.  Had some minke from the last blanky I made, so whipped out this little softie for my friend.

Having since gotten my new flash, I went outside to experiment with it!  I have an old window shade that I prop over a chair for white background.  I always shoot outside (or near a window) to get available light, since it looks so amazing.  BUT, having been nose-up in the book "Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography", I wanted to put some stuff I learned to good use.

The picture on the left is what I USUALLY take, which is just available light.  The picture on the right is lit by a reflector set up camera left, and I swiveled my fancy new flash to face the reflector so the light would bounce off of it, and come in from the side.

I've always had trouble getting photos of my fabrics to look more 'true' to how my eyeballs see them, and getting them to improve with Photoshop is a joke (since I have no idea how to use it - I started to read the manual, but then wine happened).  Super stoked to get my bags out here!

I have been reading about using off-camera flash, or bouncing light off of another source, since blasting something with an on-camera flash usually makes it look like crap.  See how there is just a hint of shadow on the right, and its more lit up on the left?  Gives it depth.  Makes me stoked.  Going to the LQ for more wine.  Sorry available light, yer out.  I'm with flash now. ;)


  1. Available light is still awesome!


  2. There is no denying that! But, you know me and my obsessions. ;)

  3. I m using this so so thoroughly !!! Thanks for making it for us again..