October 5, 2010

Sewing Meetup!

Is this addiction going a little far?  I mean, I am not happy to just hole up in my sewing room alone with the cliche cat perched on the desk in front of an episode of Sex And The City playing on the PC?  Do I really need 5 other women to encourage my complete avoidance of any sort of evening responsibilities, like laundry and dishes?  Instead of feeding pets and husbands, I feed my addiction?

I am not even going to glorify that stupid question with an answer. Duh.

Being as self-absorbed as I admittedly am, I am HAPPY to dump all that stuff on bad-ace Simon, grab my crafty stuff, and RUN!

This is the Denver Sewing Collective, found on MeetUp.com. And they are RAD.  I seriously was afraid that I might be the youngest one there, and wasn't sure if we would have any of the same interests, or furthermore, if they would mind my crude jokes and sailor mouth.  I'm clearly not your typical sewer with all the F bombs and weekend Halo marathons and way too much wine every night.  Then again...  ;)

I pretty much laughed my face off.  We all did.  They are a super legit group of gal pals, and I can't wait to hang again.  Maybe next time I'll bring wine. ;)

Squeezed a little Lightroom action in here, too, since I need every excuse to learn as much as possible about post-processing photos.  Yet another addiction. *sigh*  Sorry for the lack of project pictures here - there was a baby present.  That's like a MAGNET for my camera. :)

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