July 21, 2010

Emmeline Apron

This is Emily, and this is the Emmaline apron.

I ordered a personalized gift off of Etsy for my girl Emily who just got married in Las Vegas (ps, thanks for inviting me so Vegas could EAT ME ALIVE). Of course, since it is handmade, AND wedding season, it didn't get here in time for the shower, so it's now the wedding gift.

OK, so hm.  Now I had a shower in 2 days and no gift.  Commence the pattern rummaging!

And I found this little sweet-ace apron!  SCORE!  I had the entire kit in my pattern box, which I ordered here like 2 years ago during a fit of accidental web-project hoarding: "OK, I need 2 yards of interfacing, *click click*, more drawstring, *click* and WHOA! what is this....its AMAZING!  Wait, that one is TOO!!!! *running for wallet*.

I am like this in the mall, too, and Simon has to keep me in check or I would go running and screaming into Claires Boutique after spotting the sequined mesh earrings I saw some idiot on The Hills wearing in US Weekly...

Anywho, here it is, whipped out in a few hours (super easy pattern!!) and modeled by Emily herself shortly after opening it at her shower.  The best thing about this apron is it has built in boobs.  When you are an A cup, anything with built in bosom is a PLUS! Reversible, even!  Damn, why did I give this thing away again??

*cries until someone gives her ice cream*

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