July 19, 2010

Vegas is MEAN.

Wow.  So I have been lacking on the blog front in preparation for a dear friends wedding that took place in Las Vegas this past weekend, and I need to go into a coma for at least a week.  Turns out, I can't cuz I am the On-Call DBA this week!  OH GOODIE!

We flew out on Wednesday evening, and proceeded to overindulge in EVERYTHING: sun, pool time, food, drink, dancing, and of course, gambling.  Oh, actually, the one thing I skimped on was SLEEP.  Now I feel like a sack of crap.  BLECK.  It's Monday afternoon, and somehow, I am starting to lose my voice now?!? Tried to have a phone conversation with Bikram Yoga Lexington, and thankfully, she put it off until tomorrow due to time constraints (or maybe cuz she couldn't understand a word I was whispering?!).

It's ridiculous how easy it is to stay up and gamble and drink ALL NIGHT in that place.  I go out in Denver, and by midnight, I am ready to hand in my Granny card and go home to bed.  Not in Vegas!  I turn into an all-out Vodka-consuming maniac that doubles her bet with each passing drink. All the sudden, it's 5AM, and I'm STARVING, so I stuff myself with Steak and Eggs, and GO TO BED.  Smartest thing to do when you are planning on being in a bathing suit the next day.  To bed by 6, at the pool by 10.  EVERY. DAY.  I have gained 10 lbs by the scale, but miraculously look the same simply because tan fat looks better than white fat. Thank god for the pool.

At any rate, I am hanging on to life by a thin thread, and will be catching up on past blog posts very soon.  As soon as this work day is over, you can find me on my couch sleeping after I eat my entire fridge. *burp*


  1. hahaha, funny post. Photoshop World in Vegas beginning of Sept. =D

  2. FUN! We were gambling along side you... in Black Hawk.

    I'm pretty sure Geoff owes ya, so if you need a day, I volunteer my hubby as DBA B$tch.