July 27, 2010

I Am Not Alone.

You think that I am obsessed with crafting, eh?

Check out Amy Butler.

I first discovered her through her fabric, which I use in my bags.  Then, she starts coming out with a few patterns for adorable things, most of which I have made (see the weekender bag, diaper bag, etc).  Then books.  Then paper crafts.  Then her own line of dishes, towels, bedding.  I stopped at books - the addiction was too strong, and I did NOT need another set of dishes, or new bedding.

But now, now I am in trouble, because Amy Butler just introduced her own line of YARN.  She admits in her newsletter that she is addicted to knitting (hello!), and has come out with not ONLY yarns, but PATTERNS.  How does she have the TIME?????

I know how.  Same as I do.  You completely ignore the housecleaning, the dishes, walking the dog, the husband, and sit in your own little hole we call The Sewing Room and OBSESS yourself into oblivion.

Thank GOD there is someone else out there like me!  Now, if only I could become an ICON like her, and make a zillion bucks....

This, by the way, is Amy Butler's living room (photo from one of her home dec books).  I am going to lock her in a closet, take over her life, and live here.


  1. Don't worry, I'm slowly getting there. I even have plans to turn the second guest bedroom into the guest room/sewing room. I'm dreaming of a wine fridge right next to the sewing nook....

  2. That is a GREAT idea! My wine fridge is like 15 feet away in the kitchen, and MAN is it inconvenient....

  3. She lives in Ohio... So keep that in mind. I do love Amy Butler stuff though!