June 8, 2010

New Obsession: Pet Photography!

I'm sorry, but the subjects are just NOT fussy, are NOT worried about their hair, and snuggle with you when the entire thing is over.

This is Coco, and I'm in love.

She was soo kind enough to let me take her photograph like 200 times in her owner, Feliz's, backyard.  And I must say, she did all the work, as you can tell by her fantastic photos!  I have 75 out of the 200+ that I took that I cannot part with, so picking the ones below was super difficult.

But, I now am super in love with my 70-300 telephoto lens.  I have had it for years, and didn't really ever try to use it - I just used my mid-range zoom all the time.  Screw that thing.  This focal length is seriously ideal for portraits.

Thanks, Coco, for showing me the light!!


  1. ... So when does Edie get her time in front of the camera??

  2. These are good! Want to do some Charlotte and Sawyer pics?

  3. Thanks ladies! Marlise, I'd be happy to take pics of your adorable! Just bring beer. ;)