June 7, 2010


This is just insane.

The adorable little Sweat Mate started out as a solution for ME and ME ALONE, and then a hobby, and somehow, it has blossomed into an actual business (thanks to my hubby Simon and his entrepreneurial bravery). And a GREEN one at that! This thought usually doesn't phase me, but when I finally received my little certificate in the mail, it dawned on me how far this has gone.  I think I screeched in my office when it arrived. My neighbors hate me.

I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks for this, mostly to Simon for keeping me on track AND all his hard work manufacturing these little lovelies.  All of our friends have been super supportive, and some of our best ideas have stemmed from suggestions from our little group (hence the name The Sweat Mate - thanks, Benny!).

Being that The Sweat Mate is now for resale in OVER 30 Bikram studios nationwide, I humbly give thanks for all the help I have received. And, even though I almost burned my house down from lack of cooking skills, I quietly thank the universe for putting all my creativity eggs in The Sweat Mate basket. ;)

"Necessity is the mother of invention" -Gulliver's Travels