June 10, 2010

Minky Blanky

While I am working on the most complicated knitting pattern for a baby blanket EVER (for a baby that has already been born, mind you), I get an invitation to my cousins baby shower. I am sure there is NOT an expectation within my family to give something handmade, but I am OCD so I expect it from mysulf.

Enter new project.  BTW, a girlfriend of mine is gonna kill me cuz she asked me to make her one of these like 6 months ago to give as a gift, which is where the idea came from.  I got you on the next one, Em, now that I know how to do this.

So I of course go searching around online to find tutorials for this adorable little blanky, and then edit it to be my own.  Made of super softee minky on one side, and a fabulous, modern cotton quilting fabric on the other (sorry peeps, I don't do Winnie The Pooh).  I had a hard time keeping my cats off the minky scraps - even those little jerks think its soft.  Hm, cat pillow project brewing...

I whipped this sucker out in like 2 hours, which is much more efficient than the 6 million hours I have put in on the knitted blanket.  I might just whip up like 10 of these and keep them on hand for gifts, since everyone around me is getting knocked up.  Dirty girls. ;)


  1. Easy to make? I have a bunch of showers coming up and some of that minky fabric, but haven't tried sewing with it yet. Yours is so super cute - as always.

  2. Yes, actually! I just cut the top to the size I wanted it, then laid it on top of the minky (right sides together, and pinned the entire thing before cutting the minky to match (its kinda slippy, so use LOTS of pins!). Then I took a round quilting template to round out the corners, sewed all the way round (leave a turning hole!), pressed, then added the stitching detail. Use your walking foot if you have it - I didn't and it turned out OK, but that stuff is sorta fussy since it slips. Have fun!!!

  3. Totally cute and THANK GOD you don't do Winnie the Pooh. Sooo over him!

    Two hours? Wow, impressive and I don't care what anyone says, hand made gifts are the BEST even if it's just some markers and construction paper!