June 11, 2010

Pull The Car Over!!!

I had to go to (where else) JoAnn today on my lunch hour, and couldn't resist pulling the car over on this teeny little 2 lane road and teetering across dodging traffic in heels to get these photos.  I'm not scared.

No idea what kinda flowers these are, but there are FIELDS of them!  They are bright yellow, and smell amazing! 

I could have sat there all afternoon and watched them; or at least till those crazy thunderheads started pouring down tennis-ball sized hail on me, like the rest of the state is getting.  Don't go rafting this weekend, people.

Another big-up to Hipstomatic app for iPhone.  LOVE IT.


  1. More photography please. =P

    Nikon Rulez!

  2. WHATEVER, "anonymous"! I know it's you, Evil David Le, all possessed by your fancy Nikon-ness! ;)