April 28, 2009

Kids Forget Nothing

I swear, you can't even mention something in passing if you are not absolutely 100% committed to following through. I don't have kids, so I had NO idea.

My nephew, Junior, was hanging out at our house a few months back, and mentioned how much he LOVED the quilt I made for his older sister. I was cooking at the time, and he had wrapped his little body with the pink and green frock, and was parading around the kitchen in circles, all the while rambling on and on like 6 year olds do.

I can't cook as it is, so I was just muttering a rhythmic "Um Hmmm, Um Hmmm" in response to his mumbling in order to pay attention to NOT burning the chicken. In my multi-tasking haze, I apparently agreed to make him the very same quilt, but to his specific details.

"This pink square should be greem....this purple square should be blue....I want a greem and blue blanklet....some brown is nice, too, but I don't like brown THAT much..." (spelling errors are purposful - he says it just like that! Aw!).

Not realizing at the time that I had agreed to ANYTHING, he reminded me after dinner that night with squeeky excitement: "Arowa, when are you going to make my blanklet?". Then, he asked again before he left for Monte Vista. Then again on the phone a few weeks later. Then again via an email from his mom ("Mom, ask Arowa about my blanklet!"). And so on.

I went to the fabric store to get supplies for a bag order, and also picked these super cute fabrics for the resolute 6 year old. So, regardless of the fact that I have hundreds of bags to sew, I will have to delay an order to make a blue and greem quilt for my newphew, who's memory is clearly unyielding. ;)

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