March 13, 2009

The Sweat Sack Mate

Dang. I am going to have to literally grieve the loss of the name The Sweat Sack. It's so catchy! Although, for awhile there, if you googled me, some idiots MySpace page by the name of "My Sweaty Sack" would come up, so I at least have the comfort of knowing that my super cute little bags won't get mixed up with guys balls.

I am still waiting on my Trademark registration to go through, but I have submitted it as The Sweat Mate. Same descriptive name, but NOT owned by someone else (the person that owns the rights to Sweat Sack lives here). Ramping up for the name change, I have already bought, although nothing is posted yet. Coming soon!

I have 2 shops here in Denver sewing samples for me, and I might have just come to the conclusion that, after WEEKS of waiting to get samples back and getting not much attention, I might just have to do this myself. Maybe hire some dedicated people. Simon is ready to start sending mailers out to Yoga studios and really get some business. I might just have to sew my fingers off. :)

Anywho, since I don't have any new pics of the bags, I'll post some adorable photos of my pets, some dudes sweet mullet, and a baby for sale at Nordstrom. :)

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