April 29, 2009

Sweat Sack Media Frenzy!!!

OK, so it's not EXACTLY a frenzy, but THIS is our first real attempt at actually LOOKING for business. Well, except for the $8 sticker I put on the back of my car, but that doesn't really count since it's always covered in snow. :)

Omar the ULTRA-RAD has created us a super sweet flyer! The green part folds up perfect so it catches your eyeball right when you pull it out of the envelope!

We are SO VERY excited! My new sewing machine is on a truck on its way over here, and our first order is being made in our local sewing shop. If we are not ready RIGHT NOW, we never will be!

We packaged up 20 mailers for our first try, and sent them to local hot yoga shops. Go little flyers, go!!

Here fishy fishy... ;)

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