June 30, 2010

Don't Be Scared of the Scarab

Must give a shout-out to my girl Holly who made this amazing Scarab necklace!!

Got it from her Hollyberry Jewelry Etsy shop.   See her super funny blog here.  Worn out at the bar, AND at a daytime BBQ.  Goes with EVERYTHING I OWN.

I get at least 7 compliments from random people each time I wear it. Not to mention my friends, who told me they are going to steal it from me in my sleep. ;)

Thanks, HollyFace!!  I LOVE IT!


  1. Yeah, that is SUPER cute! It looks like it goes in just the right spot, a showcase cleavage sort of necklace. Perf!

  2. YEA!!!! thanks for the shout out! the necklace looks awesome on you!!! you are a complete stud. ALSO, thanks mucho for the awesome feedback on my etsy account -- i really really appreciate it! xoxo