June 28, 2010

Can I borrow your baby?

Aspiring photographer strikes again.

Took advantage of the fact that Holly Strebel (see her hilarious blog here) was bringing adorable Miss Charlotte to my place for a BBQ, and asked her if I could practice some infant portraits on her child so I could learn.

They definitely did NOT come out like I envisioned (namely because I don't have a light kit or studio backgrounds or any knowledge of how to use a flash), BUT, I was able to capture these two, which are my faves. :)

The picture above is a milestone for me - I am ALWAYS complaining that the contrast with my cheapy lens SUCKS, but it turned out awesome in this one!  LOVE that hot pink!

 This one I had a little editing fun with:

Two out of FIFTY ain't bad! ;)


  1. Seriously, I love these!!! You need to give yourself more credit girl!

  2. I was also wondering if you can make my skin look that good in pictures? :)

  3. Great job girl! I got two you can practice on if ya want :) :)

  4. Ok then , I definitely need to borrow your "cheap" lens cus those two pics Rock!! I am inspired to go borrow someone's baby now...