April 20, 2010

Rockies Opening Day

My super rad husband and his super rad friends have allowed me to tag along with them over the past 4 years for the shenanigans that is Rockies Opening Day. It was traditionally a guy thing until I came along, and since I burp and cuss like a sailor, I was adopted.

We all went to breakfast at 10, and we were on the rooftop drinking by 11.  At some point, we headed to the game, which was simply BEAUTIFUL - perfect day for it!!!  I ate a Rockies Dog, enjoyed the game, then right back to the bar.

This is the one day a year I pretend that I am 21 again: slamming beers, shots, making new BFF's with the other girls waiting in the hour-long line to the bathroom.  Then the very next day, I realize I am 32, as I spend the entire day worthless on the couch, begging for death. :)

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