April 22, 2010

I'll Probably Kill This.

So I took a picture that proves that it WAS alive, at one point.

There has been a rosebush in our front yard for about 100 years (according to neighbors).  It was WAY overgrown, would NOT bloom (not like I know how to prune it or anything), and SUCKED to get anywhere near (I have scars).

So Simon and I chopped that sucker down, dug to China to get the 200lb root ball out of the ground, and planted this lovely in its place.  Huh.  Wonder how long it will last.

We both grew up with lilacs in the yard, and they ain't lying when they say that smell is rooted to memory.  Ah, they smell sooooooo good.  I can't wait till it gets bigger and I can cut the blooms and put them all over the house.  If it lives past tomorrow, that is.

Happy Earth Day!

1 comment:

  1. beautiful!!! lilacs do smell like childhood... love it! i have TERRIBLE luck with flowers... my dad sent me a wicked expensive orchid once when i lived in seattle and it lasted three weeks. i totally cried when it died. uh, good luck with your lilac tho... heh heh... hope my black thumb mojo doesn't rub off on your lovely blooms. :)

    thanks for your posts on my webl! i so totally appreciate it when people actually read it!! i'm telling my friends about your blog too -- my friend erin and i have been working on getting our office more eco so we're really excited about what you're doing!!!