January 26, 2010

Very First Anniversary

This first anniversary is a miracle.

Yes, I joke constantly about how we are both still alive, and neither of us murdered each other, but that is not what I am referencing here. Although I did come close a few times. J/K!

We have a crazy story that almost never was. I met this man on January 17th, 2000, on my first day of work at Level 3. That was 10 years ago. We became friends immediately, but there was always something more there, right from the very first moment.

Nine years and two divorces later, two very dear friends married each other on January 23rd, 2009 on a beach in Mexico.

Not only is it INSANE that I get to wake up beside him every single morning, that he is in my life every day, that we get to spend nearly every moment together, but that we were able to actually MARRY each other.

We get up in the morning together, work out together, shower together (ok, stop it, I like to save water, you pervs!), drive to work together, actually WORK together all day, drive home, and then spend the evening together. Yeah, its definitely a miracle we haven't killed each other too (although there are days where we shower in silence, drive in silence, work normally all day as if nothing happened, then drive home in more silence - ha ha!). We spend more time together than any other couple I know - its almost sad! But, I seriously love it. I almost left Level 3 for a different job, but working with my husband is a serious perk!!!

I don't try to pretend that it wasn't a mess that we both went through to be together. But because of that mess, I appreciate him (almost) every day - when stress doesn't make me try to snap his head right off his neck. ;) Being together always seemed out of our reach and, at one time in our lives, we almost walked away from it. But against all odds, we somehow find ourselves here, 1 year to the day that we were married. Seriously: Miracle.


  1. Oh, cute. Barf!

    No, seriously, showers together are the BEST!

    Happy one year! I thought you guys have been together way longer! Congrats girl!

  2. awwwwww, i love it. congratulations!!