January 12, 2010

Dude, I just don't know.

Somebody. Stop. Me.

I seriously think I need some drugs. I am obsessed with finding NEW crap to make right when the current stuff I am making (aka the other 22 projects) gets kinda boring (like 5 minutes after I start it). Did I mention I should not even be doing ANY of this since I have bags to sew? I have no idea what the word 'priority' means, clearly.

I am currently working on these super duper rad gloves, since its always cold in the sewing room, which I am always in hammering out Sweat Mates (woo!). Not only will I look SO FANCY while filling orders and rocking out to Lil' Wayne, but I'll be warm!

Then, while being super impatient and freaking out that I have NOTHING to do while watching football one Sunday, I grabbed some scrap yarn and started this little hippo in some sort of bathing suit. Dude, don't ask why. Whenever I need a fast project, it usually has to do with babies. The girls around me are getting knocked up left and right, so I am always stocking up on gift inventory. NOTE: If you are planning on getting knocked up, you might get this. ;) Race for it, ladies!!! j/k

Then there is THIS bad-ace quilt that is just too awesome not to make. Did I mention I am already knee deep in a quilt for my nephew, which, btw, I was SUPPOSED to give him for Christmas, but totally did NOT get it finished? Thanks, ya damned hippo!!! Gheesh.

Last, but obviously not least, is this guy. Dude, do you know how much of the NBA season I can get through making these little hexagon dealies? I already checked out how much yarn I need and its like $120 worth. WTF! That is redonky. But, since I don't even know how to spell wil pwr, I am sure I will splurge. I'll just buy it in small bits so Simon doesn't notice I never pull out my debit card at the grocery store anymore, and all the sudden we have to take the BUS to work cuz I can't afford gas. Wicked sneaky.


  1. Hahaha AND on top of that, you have this really annoying girl that keeps asking you sewing questions and how to do things and you can't shut her up...

  2. Okay, but seriously, I have some questions...

    Lettace stitch???