October 13, 2009

Banana Split Day

This year, Banana Split day was extra, extra special.

OK, let me explain. Banana Split day is September 25th. We celebrate this super yummy day in honor of my Grandfather Andrew Baffico (looking snazzy here driving his boat in his fave captains hat). Every time we saw my gramps, he would take us for a banana split. Let me tell you, I am the expert on a good split. I've been fed MANY by this man! So has the rest of the family. So now that he is gone, we celebrate his birthday every year as Banana Split Day.

This year, his son Curtis, got married. Before he and his wife Susie flew off to Positano, Italy for the big day, they threw a big party on Banana Split Day. Sy and I flew out to San Diego and met my family for the big event, and had a BLAST. :)

Met my family in La Jolla for a visit to the beach. Ah beach, how I love thee! The sun was behind the clouds the whole time we were there, which was nice, actually, cuz it was humid as heck, and Colorado girls HATE humidity. :)

That night, it was party time! We, of course, had a blast. And then we drank too much and started photobombing. Classic! I did my best to take pics, but the light was so low, and my current lens is not so fab, hence my next blog, which will be me obsessing over a new lens that I would have to cut off my leg to afford. But that's neither here nor there. :)

I'm so happy for Curt and Suzie, and their little one, Jake. Hope you are all having an amazing time in Italy!!!

Lastly, we were able to visit some Fort Collins transplants who now live in Ocean Beach, SD. It was so amazing to meet their newest member of the family. :)

We said goodbye to the ocean (and flipped off the humidity - uck) and headed home.

The only thing missing was Captain Andy. We will forever miss you. Love you grandpa!!


  1. That is sooo cute, banana split day!!! Though, I am not a banana fan, or a real ice cream fan, I guess I would suck at Banana Split Day, but I can pack in a good amount of smores or dark chocolate to help celebrate!!! Oooh, I think I need some chocolate now...

  2. P.S. Don't think I didn't notice the 'obsessing' part. I need a new camera too, sigh.

    I'm currently obsessing over ankle boots and if I can really get some good use out of brown versus black. Hmmm...