September 28, 2009

Here We Obsess Again

Man, I really think that I suffer from ADD but was never diagnosed.

So I am putting off posting (or even taking, for that matter) pics of my new fabulous EnvironMate bags because I DON'T KNOW HOW. So here I go, doing research on strobe flash kits, tungsten lighting, white balance options, photoshop effects, and on and on and on...and now I am so dizzy and confused and frustrated.

Until I found an article that helped me. Dude, if I wasn't sitting here at work, I'd have screamed. I actually put my arms in the air, shut my eyes, and mocked a scream. Ah!

So I have been finding these AMAZING photographers, such as Nicole Hill and Lindsey Lew and Nicole Habel and all their stuff is soooo delicious and yummy and POPS and mine is drab and boring and I hate it all. I was able to find out what sort of equip these guys have, and just ONE lens in their arsenal is like $1200. I think that Sy would divorce me if I had a hobby that cost me that much. I'd have to sell his brand new truck to afford it.

OK, so I own a really old copy of Photoshop, and decided that I would bang my head against my computer screen until I found out how to replicate that pastel-ish, overexposed look that I LOVE LOVE LOVE so much. I tweaked, trimmed, turned, tussled, and finally, FINALLY was able to edit this wonderful picture of my little buddy just to my liking!

The original is dark and drab. The new one pops and has that overexposed look that I can't get manually cuz I use the auto setting on my camera. Ha! Focal point is now her face, and not the shadow she is in. Yesssss! Its not PERFECT like the ones my iconic photographers take, but god dammit, it will do!

Now I am off to search 600 websites for yarn for my next project. I am seriously in danger of becoming a professional hobbyist.

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