December 1, 2010

Waiting Room Knitting

This might be the only awesome thing about getting stupid allergy shots.  Especially since I am allergic to EVERYTHING (but horses - meh), and have to get 2 huge shots in both arms twice a month. Owie. *sniffle*

Since I have to sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes after getting my shots so they can make sure I don't DIE of anaphylactic shock, I get 30 minutes of uninterrupted craft time.  Ah! When I am chilling out on the couch with a yarny project, I always have SOME sort of animal wanting SOME sort of attention from me, or a husband who can't find his sneakers because I put them in the fridge instead of in his closet. Yes, that happens.

Since yarn is technically string (cats HEART string) I inevitably get a section of soggy, wet yarn that has been chewed on by a just-out-of-view ninja.  Gross.

(Don't worry friends - I wash all my creations before giving them to YOU.)

So here is me, waiting, knitting, sniffling.  Making my new Team Scarf in Lakers colors!!  Ahem...I mean, for you Nuggets fans out there, it is my Fort Collins High School LAMBKINS scarf!

Anyone else do anything EXCITING besides read the 2 year old issues of Us Weekly in waiting rooms? (Seriously, every issue of every magazine in this joint is 2 years old. Lame.)


  1. What?! What all are you allergic to?

  2. Dogs. Cats. Molds. Pollen. Trees. Weeds. Dust. Grasses. Mildew. But somehow, not horses. Why would they even test you for that?!