September 9, 2010

Shopping Cart Fancyness!!


It has been a roller-coaster ride with this whole shopping-cart deal with our website.  Of course, I wanted it to look PERFECT and be SEAMLESSLY integrated and all that jazz.  Which means I have to hire someone to do it, since I only have a few minutes a day to spend hacking code and not sewing/working on Oracle databases/drinking wine.

So we get some quotes for a website revamp (cosmetic), and seamless shopping cart (surgical). We get $3500, and I gasp.  Then we get $8000 and I choke.  I am selling bags at $30 a pop here people, not real estate.  The commission just ain't that big. Clearly, we are not ready for that sorta revamp...yet!!!

(Side note: these companies we got quotes from are AWESOME and wanted to do some way-stellar stuff with our site, and I wanted them so so so bad until I realized how many bags it would take me to sell to pay them off. *sob*)

So, Simon suggested we just get the GoDaddy cart (since that is who hosts us), and make it look as close to our website as possible.  So we sign up for it, and we hack our faces off, and VOALA! We have a shopping cart!  Needless to say, we celebrated by eating pasta once we launched it. If you aren't friends with me on FaceBook and watch me FourSquare in at a restaurant every 10 minutes, you wouldn't know that food is our version of celebration.  Throw in a margarita and its a RAGER!

At any rate, we spent countless evenings putting this sucker together, and I must say we are PROUD.  We are hoping this encourages people to buy reusable bags now that they don't have to have 6 conversations with crazy ME just to get your hands on one.  YAY!

So, head to the website, and click on that fabulous new big fat BUY NOW button! Tell me what you think!

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